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Secondhand Israel

Army Footllocker Trunk

Army Footllocker Trunk

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Located in Tel Aviv in Old North neighborhood on Dizengoff street

Antique Vintage Original Official US Army Issue Soldier's Footlocker Trunk


In good condition

Can be repurposed for a coffee table or whatever your imagination can create

Storage inside the trunk

A WW2 WWII 1942 US Military Army Footlocker
Authentic Government Issue
Older, 2 Snap Locks & Hasp Style Olive Drab Inside Lid: "SEATTLE 1942 LUGGAGE CORP."
This is the GI plywood footlocker issued to enlisted men for barracks storage of personal belongings through 1942. This footlocker is a heavily reinforced and constructed version of the more common plywood footlocker which started production in about 1943.
The side handles on this locker are thinner, and the complete corner metal edges with the two snap clasps make the footlocker a much sturdier box for shipping.
The measurements are standard; 31 inches (L) by, 17 inches (W) by, 13 inches (H). 
This early pattern was later simplified for war production with the standard common plywood box, with a single hasp lock and three corner straps (top, bottom and middle) on each corner.
This genuine WW2 footlocker is in fair condition
It's still a great field piece of US Army military history to add to your collection. 

Here's a World War II U.S. Army footlocker that has acquired loads of character over its 75+ year life. It is ready for redeployment as a coffee table, storage trunk or use your imagination.  These footlockers were made in huge numbers for the war and were used to store soldier's personal items in barracks. Some were used for shipping and as officer's trunks throughout the war. After the war many were sold off as war surplus and were up-cycled into storage boxes, toy boxes, shipping trunks, etc. 

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