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Located in Tel Aviv in Old North neighborhood on Dizengoff street

Dr. Gav Mattress
Measures:  140 cm wide x 190 cm long

THE GRAND LUXURY double mattress

Luxurious comfort, quality sleep
A luxury mattress from the GRAND series created after many years of experience and expertise in the anatomical structure of the human body, research and the search for the most innovative technologies that will give you the best sleeping experience.
5000 insulated springs arranged in 2 layers for increased support, a double indulgence layer of elastic viscose, mesh fabric combined with silk fibers, PILINGPROOF technology and a breathable layer come together in a unique mattress that will upgrade your sleeping experience and more than that - your quality of life.

Other things you should know about the product

5000 insulated springs

Ideal support5000 isolated springs ideal support for every point of the body

to any point in the body


HD springs, short and isolated springsHD springs

Short and insulated springs

EXTRA PILLOW TOP A pampering layer made of elastic viscose to upgrade the sleeping experienceEXTRA PILLOW TOP

Elastic viscose indulgence layer

To upgrade the sleep experience

  • 5000 insulated springs - the right support for every point
    The insulated springs system includes 5000 springs wrapped in separate fabric pockets so that they function independently.
    What it means?
    When each spring can work individually, it has the ability to respond according to the pressure exerted on it without any dependence on the springs next to it, and this is actually the way that every part of the body can get the right support it deserves. In addition, the isolated springs minimize the impact of the partner's movements.
  • DOUBLE SUPPORT SYSTEM - the right order for your comfort
    The isolated springs are arranged in 2 layers, for increased and correct support for every point and part of the body and for a comfortable and healthy sleeping experience.
  • Two-layer HD spring system - good things come in pairs
    Among the 5000 springs there are also isolated micro HD springs arranged in 2 layers.
    HD springs which are actually shorter springs and their length provides more stable support.
  • EXTRA PILLOW TOP - envelops your body with stable softness
    above the supporting core of the mattress there is a layer of pampering that includes 2 visco elastic layers, a material with memory properties that as soon as you lie on it you will feel how it wraps your body, adapts itself to the contours of the body in every position and provides particularly pampering comfort.
  • REALSILK combined mesh fabric - sleep on a pleasant silky fabric
    The upper part of the mattress, the one that comes in contact with the human body sleeping on it, is made of an airy, breathable, anti-allergenic and antibacterial mesh fabric combined with high-quality silk fibers that make the touch soft, caressing and pleasant.
  • PILLINGPROOF - technology that keeps the mattress durable.
    You know those little balls that form on old shirts? They are called peeling balls. Sometimes, it also happens on top of mattresses and then the feeling is really unpleasant. This is precisely why we manufactured the mattress with an innovative technology called PILLINGPROOF that prevents the formation of those peeling balls and maintains the durability of the mattress over time.
  • HR TECHNOLOGY -  Did you choose a SUPER COMFORT mattress? Your mattress will include a polymer with memory, elasticity and pressure distribution capabilities.
  • good to know:
    • The mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions
    • Difficulty level: MEDIUM
    • Includes a breathable layer
    • Includes a peripheral support system
    • NO FLIP - there is no need to turn the mattress
    • 10 year warranty
    • made in Israel
    • without Shatanz
    • The number of springs refers to a 160x200 mattress
    • The mattress complies with TI 5418 standard 1 - passes the burning cigarette test, very low risk (for home use) and does not contain flame retardants

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